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Toscana USA

Toscana USA, a family run company led by Cindy Salazar ’20CBS and ’16FIT, is a direct to consumer brand offering high quality handcrafted leather shoes and accessories for men and women made in Florence, Italy. 

There are two main underserved markets in the footwear industry. Customers expressed frustration over only being able to buy high-quality Italian made products at premium-prices. At the same time, quality and stylish shoes lacked a large range of sizes from 16 to 22.

Toscana USA was launched to address these two gaps in the market. The brand offers a vast assortment of dress shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, boots, drivers and belts that are timeless and classic. Toscana is a blend of old-world artisanship with modern styling. They use the same Italian leathers used by high end name brands and the dyes are sustainable and organic vegetable-based. They are known for their patented dip-dyeing process that results in a supple leather known for its comfort, flexibility, durability and its unique vintage look. Toscana takes pride in hand-painting all of their dress shoes which enriches the colors and sets them apart due to its unique finish offering high quality hand-crafted pieces produced by skilled and experienced artisans over three generations. 

Toscana also has a special section featuring the larger sizes. They have perfected the fit for these sizes and offer a unique selection of styles. They proudly have a number of satisfied clients including professional athletes in the NBA, NFL and MLB. 

Toscana is committed to delivering the best customer service experience to its clients, seeking to develop long term relationships built on trust and reliability. That starts by offering a good quality product, being transparent about their values and products and proudly standing behind all of the products it offers.