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Founded in early 2015 by Michal Alter’13SIPA, is a leading SaaS platform for employee-driven corporate social responsibility (CSR). The platform helps companies discover & book hundreds of carefully curated social impact team experiences led by and benefitting local social ventures, and provides analytics to match these with employees’ individual interests.

Some customers include Moody’s, Silverstein Properties, Fiverr, Innovid, Analytic Partners, MovableInk, and others making it easy for their employees to have a hands-on impact on their local communities, wherever they are around the world.

Columbia community: Michal credits her success to the people she met at SIPA (professors, classmates, and event speakers); the interdisciplinary ties with folks at other schools inside Columbia; the many internships, workshops, consulting gigs, capstone projects, and other engagements outside of class that were made available; and getting access to organizations and companies that provided real exposure to relevant sectors.