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Whiterock AI

Real estate intelligence for 21st-century investors.

Whiterock AI, founded by Jordan Girard ’16GS and Ernesto Del Valle, is a B2B real estate analytics company headquartered in New York.

Professional real estate investors are not equipped to reliably access and process investment data. In 2019, they only used 3% of all investment information available to them while ignoring the vast majority of alternative data.

Whiterock AI turns its users into the most informed real estate investors in their markets by sourcing and processing both traditional data sources (in real-time) and alternative data on behalf of our users.

Our algorithms allow investors to understand previously unseen connections between metrics, and make highly accurate predictions on future outcomes. This intelligence systematically updates and improves to help you make science-based, smarter, and faster investment decisions.

We are over 600 times faster and significantly more accurate than human-generated analysis.

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