Alexis Beechen ’15BUS Is Helping Bring About the Rise of Canned Wine in America

Convenience and portability is an increasingly important part of the food industry, and wine is no exception. Don’t believe us? Consider this: canned wine sales have more than doubled in the past year, translating to a 125.2% boost in sales revenue over the course of 52 weeks. And don’t think the rise of the can is just a passing fad — rather, it’s part of a slow but steady shift in how Americans approach wine, with a variety of exciting brands marketing canned wine as more environmentally-friendly, easier to sample in different varieties, and better for drinking outside.

Launched in May 2016, The Drop, founded by Alexis Beechen, ‘15BUS, is getting in on the canned wine action. While they currently specialize in canned Rosé, Beechen believes the sky’s the limit as they push towards the next innovation in wine. REST OF THE STORY

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