Can Food Change the way People View the Refugee Crisis?

Eat Offbeat uses delicious ethnic eats to
shift the narrative surrounding those fleeing war-torn countries.

Sybile Penhirin
September 9, 2016

Disappointed by the selection of hummus sold in supermarkets, Manal Kahi, a native of Lebanon, started making her own, using her grandmother’s recipe. Then, during the height of the 2015 refugee crisis, a light bulb went off in Kahi’s head: What if refugees could share their local cuisines and earn a living by doing so?

Last November, Kahi and her brother launched Eat Offbeat. Watch the video above to see how this ethnic food delivery company hires refugees from Syria, Iraq, Eritrea and Nepal who are talented home cooks and trains them to be professional chefs.  [Rest of Story]

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