Laura Schubert ’11BUS and Fur, Become Part of Natural Grooming Trend

It’s not just stars who are keeping hair down there. Laura Schubert, CEO of high-end pubic haircare company Fur, launched her brand last year when she saw that all Google searches of “pubic hair” led to sites about removal. Now, her company’s signature Fur Oil product, $39, is sold in dozens of stores in the U.S. and abroad, to customers who have varying grooming habits.

High-end brand Fur sells pubic haircare products.
High-end brand Fur sells pubic haircare products. (Photo: Courtesy Laura Schubert)
It’s not necessarily that the full bush is back, Schubert says, but that pubic grooming is following the “natural” movement that has also recently influenced the braless trend and makeup-free look.

“Modern beauty is really about redefining our old standards of care (and) moving away from a world where bare is what you had to be,” she says. “You get to decide what’s sexy.”

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