The MotherBox, from Columbia Startup Venture Yank, Offers Charging With Literally No Wires

We’ve seen wireless charging before in smartphones such as Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, but normally you’ll have to place your phone on an inductive charging pad plugged into a wall in order to avoid simply inserting a Lightning or USB-C cable. So technically, “wireless charging” isn’t exactly “wireless.” But thanks to a new company by the name of Yank Technologies, wireless charging is getting a serious upgrade.

A new Indiegogo campaign has just launched for a device called the MotherBox. Yes, it’s named after that transportation computer you see in DC Comics all the time and looks liek something straight out of the matrix, but it can’t transport beings. Instead, it transports energy to your phone literally without any wires whatsoever and charges your battery. “But how?” you may ask. Whelp, here you go…

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