Fast, Healthy, Farm-Frozen Meals: Interview with Rachel Drori ’09BUS of Daily Harvest

At a time when food companies disagree about the benefits of fresh vs frozen, Daily Harvest is betting on frozen. Founded by Rachel Drori, and boasting the use of exotic superfoods, whole, organic fruits and vegetables, and no use of refined sugars or preservatives, Daily Harvest is offering up pre-prepared smoothies, soups, oats and chia puddings for busy people who want to eat healthier.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Serena Williams are betting on Daily Harvest, too. Supporters of Daily Harvest argue that frozen is a practical way to ensure your produce stays nutrient-dense from the time of harvest until it hits your table. Called “farm-frozen produce,” Daily Harvest picks its ingredients at its nutritional peak so it retains more nutrients. The goal is to make healthy, organic meals more accessible, and easier to prepare, to more people.

These Daily Harvest superfoods are delivered directly to your home, and are stored in the freezer, requiring only 30 seconds prep time. The fact that food purchased in the freezer aisle is usually full of salt and preservatives was something Rachel considered when deciding on the direct-to-consumer model.

Popular with busy parents, retirees who want to eat better and well, anyone looking for a healthy, but convenient lifestyle, Daily Harvest has managed to grow to 1 million smoothie sales since its national delivery launched in 2016.

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