Columbia Startups Raise $6B in 2018

The numbers are in! Did you know:

  • In 2018, Columbia founders raised $6B
  • In 2018, Venture funds run by Columbia alums raised $38.5B
  • In the last 10 years, Columbians have founded over 3,000 businesses

Are you ready to jump in and join this vast entrepreneurship ecosystem?

Check out, a new database powered by Crunchbase, where you can see the latest stats and press on Columbia founders and their startups. Columbia founders are making their mark in every industry and market that you could think of diving in to, from FinTech and Food to Buildings and Blockchain.

Add Your Startup to Crunchbase

It’s good corporate hygiene to have an up-to-date profile in Crunchbase – prospective investors, employees, and partners use it to learn more about a company when doing their due diligence.  It’s also a profile you want to claim to protect your online presence, just as you would want to lock down social media handles to avoid another company claiming it first (and thereby creating confusion or brand dilution).

With Crunchbase, any registered user (with a social network connected) can add or edit profile pages. If you don’t have a user account yet, you can register for a user account here. Once you’ve logged in and authenticated via a social network, you can visit your existing profile by finding it through the top search bar.

Check out Crunchbase’s announcement of here.


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