Congratulations to the Winners of Startup Columbia 2024!

Every Spring, the Startup Columbia venture competition gives out non-dilutive cash prizes to the next generation of entrepreneurs early-stage ventures founded, managed, and owned by current Columbia students, or by recent Columbia alumni. Alumni judges evaluate competitors in each of the various competitions

This year, prizes totaled more than $200K.

Congratulations to all the winners!


Open Track

First Place: $15,000

Yucca Earth

Robotic precision agriculture for water conservation

Connor Lee ’26SEAS Undergrad; Vignesh Karthik ’26SEAS Undergrad


Second Place: $10,000


A gamified app for youth health education.

Demetra Mallios ’22SEAS Grad/CBS


Third Place: $5,000


Detecting deadly lacing agents in recreational drugs.

Vienna Sparks ’26 Barnard


Millard Chan ’99 Technology Track, Columbia Engineering

First Place: $25,000


Novel customizable data-annotator to train any AI-model

Ayman Talkani ’23SEAS Grad; Aadil Mehdi Sanchawala ’23SEAS Grad


Second Place: $15,000

Dumpling AI

Automated, product-contextualized documentation for engineers

Jessica Shi ’24SEAS Undergrad; Sarah Gu ’24SEAS Undergrad, Manasi Soman ’24SEAS Undergrad; Theodore Chow, ’24CC


Third Place: $10,000


Climate resilience solution for farmers combating frost

Philip Brudnicki ’22SEAS PhD; Eric Bellefroid ’18 PhD, Yale University


Engineering for Humanity Prize: $10,000


Automating IV push to reduce administration errors

Sean Kim ’24SEAS Grad; Annabel Cho ’24SEAS Grad; Leonhard Heinrich ’24SEAS Grad

Undergraduate Track

First Place: $15,000

Mamba Health

A SaaS for efficient, smart hospital billing

Rohan Kulkarni ’25SEAS Undergrad; Luke Xue ’25CC


Second Place: $10,000

Per Pouch

Supplements reimagined: pure, tasteless, and foundational nutrition

Stanly Shukhman ’26CC; Yash Sahoo ’25 Northeastern University


Third Place: $5,000

The Bulletin

Virtual bulletin board for Columbia students

Lucy Chen ’25CC; Rotem Weiss ’24GS

Global Policy Challenge, SIPA

First Place: $25,000


Connects children of undocumented Americans to appropriate financial institutions and investment vehicles to help mixed-status families save for elder immigrants’ retirement and plan for their financial future

Franco Cristiani, Laura Cecilia Belk, Sara Gomez Horta, Isela Gutierrez, Felix Wang


Second Place: $12,500

Naila Climate Youth Network

Online platform linking young people across Saudi Arabia to local climate scientists, urban and rural planners, government officials in the energy sector, as well as rural farmers and indigenous communities

Ana Costa Cunha, Lilian Nassif, Abdullah Alshangiti, Jude Tareef Alaama, Daniela Bushiri, Andy Jiang


Third Place: $12,500

Legislative Llama

Activates Gen Z and younger Millennials in advocacy, civic engagement, and political participation through a habit-building digital platform that leverages advances in AI and Large Language Models

Kristen Tadrous, Stacey Eliuk, Daniel Sheehan, Marielle Villar Martiney


Media Track, Columbia Journalism

First Place: $15,000


An Interactive AI-Powered Earthquake Risk Assessment Platform

Taha Erdem Ozturk, Jacob Taylor Sirota


Second Place: $10,000

In Old News LLC

Diversifying video journalism through free footage library

Shalaka Shinde, Manon Verchot, Sanshey Biswas


Tie, Third Place: $5,000

Pitch, Please!

Streamlining the journalist-to-newsroom pitch process

Meghnad Bose, Trisha Mukherjee, Dina Katgara


Tie, Third Place: $5,000


Auto-score and visualize privacy policies by AI

Yuqi Cheng, Yanan Sun

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