Forbes 30 Under 30 Honors Columbia Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Columbia Honorees On
Forbes 30 Under 30 List for 2016

Kinnos was honored in the Healthcare category. Jason Kang ‘16SEAS, Katherine Jin ‘16CC, Kevin Tyan ‘16CC comprise the team. They took third-place in the 2015 Columbia Venture Competition Undergraduate Challenge with a product called “Highlight”, a powdered additive for disinfectant solutions that improves their efficacy. Highlight dyes sterilizing solutions allowing health care techs to see where it has been applied and increases viscosity of the liquid to promote even coverage of equipment, like hazmat suits. After the disinfectant has had time to do its job, Highlight dries clear, leaving no trace of dye or germs behind.

LuminAid, honored on the Forbes Social Entrepreneurs list, features two recent GSAAP alumnae who have appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank TV show and gave a rousing keynote address at the #StartupColumbia Festival last year. Co-founders Anna Stork ’11GSAPP and Andrea Sreshta ’11GSAPP had a very bright idea have a clear vision to make portable lighting a part of the supplies commonly sent for disaster relief aid. In addition to food, water, and shelter, light can greatly add to the well-being of victims of a natural disaster or crisis. About 1.1 billion people lack electricity access, a problem worsened by natural disasters. Partnering with clients like Doctors Without Borders, LuminAID’s solar-powered packs inflate into portable lights and are used in relief efforts after tragedies like the Nepalese earthquake. They’re also popular with individual customers for camping and first aid.

Jordana Kier ‘14BUS and Alexandra Friendman co-founded LOLA a team that was among the inaugural cohort at the Columbia Startup Lab. Theirs is a modern approach to feminine care. Unlike the major tampon brands that don’t list their ingredients, LOLA prides itself on disclosing absolutely everything about their products. No mystery fibers and no doubts about what’s going in your body. Their subscription model delivers tampons that are 100% cotton — which means they’re 100% natural, 100% biodegradable, and 100% easy to feel good about. Their customers no longer need to worry about frantic drugstore runs. LOLA delivers exactly what’s needed when it’s needed.

Venture Capital Category
Rami Rahal ’09SEAS Cofounder and General Partner, Blue Cloud Ventures

Science Category
Adam Elmachtoub Assistant Professor, Columbia Engineering

Education Category
Jerelyn Rodriguez ’11 CC Cofounder, The Knowledge House

Finance Category
Jonathan Birnbaum ’16BUS Vice President, Morgan Stanley
Michael Tannenbaum ’10CC Vice President, SoFi

Marketing & Advertising Category
Christopher Lorn ’10CC Consumer Journey and Analytics Lead, Philip Morris International

Retail & eCommerce Category
Stephanie Korey ’15BUS Cofounder, Away

Education Category
Chelsey Roebuck ’10SEAS Cofounder, Emerging Leaders in Technology and Engineering

Social Entrepreneurship Category
Sophia Sunwoo ’17SIPA Cofounder, Water Collective

Law & Policy Category
Roy Moran ’12LAW Counsel, FanDuel

Media Category
Shana Knizhnik ’10CC Co-Author, Notorious RBG
Heben Nigatu ’14CC Senior Editor, BuzzFeed


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