CSL Resident RentCity Can Help You Check Your NYC Apt Building’s Ratings—or Rate Your Own

From Brick Underground:

It can take a while to make sense of how to navigate New York City’s complicated rental market and now that the pandemic has pushed much of the search online, doing your homework on a new place is more important than ever.  

RentCity uses publicly available data to provide a default rating for 650,000 buildings in New York City and Procak says as users leave reviews, the ratings become increasingly accurate.

“When the reviewer inputs their overall rating, that gets incorporated into the algorithm so it’s live and constantly updating as people continue to use the site,” he says.

Procak says the goal for RentCity is to become the trusted source for renters, allowing them to identify buildings with good user ratings. He is partnering with other companies that cater to renters, like movers and art rental companies, to monetize the site. “There’s a lifecycle around moving and we want to add value for renters,” he says.

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