Startups to Set You Up for 2022

Whether you’re looking to get healthier or to deck the halls with some new great artwork, here are businesses out of the Columbia Startup Lab that can help you tackle the New Year’s resolutions on your list:


Discover your personal art tastes, get recommendations, and get connected to art that you’ll love in your space. 

Hang Five

If you’re looking for new love in 2022, here’s a dating app that uses astrology to match you with your perfect person.

Alinea Invest

Whether it’s the future of biotech, championing diversity in the workplace, or reducing carbon emissions, Alinea was built so that you can support causes you care about with your investments.

Social Closet

Reduce waste and amplify your style. Social Closet is a peer-to-peer clothing rental platform: the Airbnb for clothing. 

Social Closet Photo

Changing Room

Fastest way to understand how to shop for clothes in a way that is gentler for the environment. 

Gen E

Support climate solutions as you shop by using this frictionless micro-philanthropy app that rounds up the change from your purchases and automatically donates it to the most impactful planet-protecting nonprofits.


Find the right apartment by knowing what it’s like to live in an apartment before you sign a lease.


The first profile agnostic and truly social fitness network to get with your squad on track. We connect individuals of all sorts of fitness profiles to boost motivation, to expand routines and to enhance current ones.


Hype Five Dating app photo


Thinking about running a rental? Folio helps hotels and short-term rentals (STRs) deliver 5-star hospitality. Its platform enables hotels and STR managers to create digital guidebooks for their guests with curated property information and personalized recommendations generated using AI. 


Find the next statement piece for your space with through this rigorously filtered directory of North American vintage furniture & decor sellers available to shop online.


KIP101’s mission is to help people network and get the career insights they need to succeed.  Get personalized networking tips by taking our quiz!  


Admissions support and tutoring for international school students – get the student in your life the support that they need next year!


This fitness subscription app lets you ​ access to train with top-tier experts like Magnus Lygdback, Morgan Tyler, Boss Everline, Don Saladino, Hannah Bower & hundreds more. 


Developed by a cancer researcher, COAST is a natural and holistic drink that makes it easy to optimize your health with NAD+, antioxidants, vitamins and electrolytes. Take daily, post workout or while drinking to remove toxins, replenish vital resources, and repair cells to help you live your best life.

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