Welcome to the 2022-2023 Cohort of the Columbia Startup Lab!

Welcome to the 2022-2023 Cohort of the Columbia Startup Lab! 

This year, we have 59 startups founded by alumni entrepreneurs who hail from 8 of Columbia’s undergraduate and graduate schools, including Barnard and Teachers College. 

69 Charlton Street has been home to the Columbia Startup Lab since it launched in 2014, and headquarters to over 329 startups and 448 Columbia alumni entrepreneurs that have raised over $100M in funding and $115M in acquisitions. Every year, we welcome 71 entrepreneurs to the space for a new cohort.

Get to know the 2022-2023 Cohort ventures below.


Edward Liu, SEAS; Eshan Agarwal, SEAS

Cancer management platform for newly diagnosed patients


Blue Onion

Manav Malhotra, SEAS

The single source of truth for your company’s financial data



Nicolas DeGiacomo, SEAS

The Supply Chain OS for a Greener Future



Felipe Martinez, CBS

CELYA is a fintech company in Colombia that provides microloans so people can buy smartphones.


Changing Room

Jeremy Yao, SEAS

Sustainable ratings for fashion



Camilla Sievers, SPS

A telehealth platform for Traditional Chinese Medicine



Summer Delaney, CBS

CollabWORK is creating the first transparent gig marketplace to help production staffers find legitimate, short-term jobs in both traditional media and web3.



Bina Bansinath, SEAS

Colonai is devising artificial intelligence tools for precision colonoscopy, in order to reduce the incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer (CRC).


CShell Health

Jean-Ezra Yeung, MPH

CShell Health increases productivity for mental health providers through superior group therapy workshops driven by high quality health knowledge



Jake Klores, CC

A social platform for professional and collegiate athletes to monetize exclusive content and experiences directly to fans.


Ease New York

William Teng, SPS

Innovative and sustainable solution to household cleaning.



Amy Tang, SEAS

Folio is a digital front desk solution powered by AI that automates guest management for the $120B short-term rental (STR) industry.


Gen E

Kristen Kammerer, CBS

Gen E is a micro-philanthropy app for funding climate solutions.



Robert Swigert, SEAS

goodstead is a mobile-first ESG-focused roboadvisor that makes saving for the future time-, risk-, fee- and tax-efficient for the common person.



Michelle Tew, CC

Homiah makes heritage-inspired Southeast Asian spices and sauces.



Patrick Varuzza, SEAS

Hubbub is an online platform and logistics technology that lets consumers rent everyday products, ranging from microwaves to dumbbells, and avoid the expenses of actually owning loads of material stuff themselves.



Cristina De Leya, CBS

The first social fitness network that is truly social and fully agnostic.



Ying Laohachewin, CBS

Female focused mental wellness platform leveraging peer to peer support.



Charlotte Keys, CBS

Joyshare is a social investing app focused on P2P payments of stock and crypto.


Jupiter Card

Peter Rhines, CBS

Jupiter Card offers dynamic credit terms and rewards based on customers meeting transparent financial goals.


Knoow Inc.

Jonah Travis, CBS;  SamuelCollins, CC

A real-time, location based, search and service engine.



Neetika Ashwani, MPH

A wearable device that keeps a track of vitals (Heart rate, Respiratory rate, saturation, temperature) and contact duration in newborns to reduce neonatal morbidity and mortality.


The Laser Clinic

Brandy Mitnick, CBS

The Laser Clinic is a niche laser hair removal service in NYC.



Peter Barba, CC

Helping America transition to electric vehicles through charging planning software.


Light RFP

David Barakchian CBS;  Karlo Dobrovic CC

eBay for commercial service contracts like trucking, cleaning, and construction.



Scott Mongiardo, CBS

SaaS solution for small landlords that enables them to self-manage and optimize their rental portfolios



Rafael Canario, CBS

MatchEd is a Lifelong Lifewide Learning Management System that links EdTechs in one platform.



Alfredo Brillembourg, CC

The first fintech platform for higher education.



Giuseppe Iademarco, CBS; Jenna Ahn, CBS

Community for international school students.



James Sim, CBS

mond is a hyper-local canine community app that helps parents optimize social experience for their dogs.


Norton Electra

Ned Roche, CBS

Government services business that provides staffing and subcontract labor to DoD contracts.



Alex Zhang, CBS

True biodegradable tableware.


Ophy Care

Etizaz Shah, SIPA

Improving access to care for non-English speaking patient through powerful AI, telehealth, and EHR technology.



Janam Shah, SEAS

Solving parking issues with an AirBnB model.


Parrot Energy

Henry Hatch, CBS

Parrot Energy is a solar PV project developer focused on rooftops in NYC



Alexandra Bono, CBS

Pelican offers a digital platform designed to help your loved ones reach their savings goals.



Ido Michael, DSI

The Heroku for Data Science. We help data scientists build faster and deploy their work into production without a single code change.



Tiffany Pek, CBS

Preening is a clean beauty brand that adds a touch of elegance to your daily self-care rituals.



Hunter Craft, CBS

Puebla is a fully integrated suite of communication tools for the coffee, sugar, and cocoa supply chains



Joe Donino, CC

Mobile app for discovering and sharing local entertainment.



Houtan Fanisalek, SEAS; Steve Gilman, CBS

Range is a personalized lifelong learning technology platform.


Resonantia Diagnostics

Matt Jones, CBS

Our platform will transform the way patients with bacterial and fungal infections are treated by providing the information doctors need to effectively treat patients in hours instead of days.



Sebastian Perez Lawrence, CBS

Rockhopper is an enterprise planning management cloud solution for collaborative business case modeling.



Samantha Greenspan, Barnard

Mobile platform for 1:1 office hours between authors/readers, podcasters/listeners & more.


SkyTerra Power

Brando de Metz, CC

Our company uses utility-scale batteries housed on vehicles to deliver low-cost, renewable power to high-demand cities across the country.


Social Closet

Micaela O’Herron, SIPA

Social Closet is a peer-to-peer clothing rental platform: the Airbnb for clothing.



Khamzat Asabaev, LAW

Dental technology company committed to making perfect smiles affordable for everyone.



Constanza Gomez, CBS

We develop AI-driven and data analytics solutions to enable textile waste recycling.



Lena Arkawi, SIPA

Sourceable is an online platform and mobile application that empowers, supports, and connects citizen journalists from conflict and crises zones to document, verify, archive, and share critical data with media, human rights groups, and prosecutors.



Arthur Colker, CBS

StayFi help short-term rental operators engage guests, build brands and become more profitable.



Eric Yen, CBS

Stream is creating a tool to help injured workers file claims and get paid.



Joseph Quaderer, JRN

StorySavor is a biography writing services company.



Chris Picerni, SEAS

Subby is a shared payments platform that lets you split recurring expenses and subscriptions with friends and family.



Shen Qiu, CC

Reimagine how restaurants connect with customers in a digital-first world.


Terra Digital

Karam Sethi, CBS

AI video creation software for content-focused teams.


Toscana USA

Cindy Salazar, CBS

Toscana USA is a direct to consumer brand offering high quality handcrafted leather shoes and accessories for men and women made in Florence, Italy.


Tough Leaf

Amir Zahlan, CBS; Wissam Akra, CBS

Tough Leaf is a B2B platform that empowers minority and women-owned businesses (XBE) to grow by connecting them with hiring entities such as contractors.


Universe Platform Inc.

Boris Wang, CBS; Mike White, SPS

Empowering businesses of all sizes to create web3 loyalty programs that increase customer allegiance, activate superfans, and grow their bottom line.



Hillary Jacobs, CBS

A participatory and novel access point for people interested in art that aims at redistributing power in the art market.


The Columbia Startup Lab is a co-working facility located in Sohowest that provides subsidized space, tailored programming, and community for 71 Columbia alumni entrepreneurs to house and nurture their fledgling ventures. With over 50 startups from all over Columbia, the Lab is the result of a unique partnership between the School of Business, the School of Engineering, the Law, School, the School of International Public Affairs, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia College, the Data Science Institute and Barnard College, and is open to recent Columbia alumni from every undergraduate and graduate school. Admitted teams may spend up to one year in the space, but may reapply for up to an additional year.

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