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Columbia Engineer Gives Kids Access to Tech Skills with ByteSize Learning

Andrew Rust ’23SEAS is the Founder and CEO of ByteSize Learning; an online education company for kids 8-18, teaching them the technology skills they need to succeed through project-based learning.

Andrew grew up in rural eastern North Carolina and did not have access to structured opportunities to learn practical and fun technology skills like coding, video editing, music production, or graphic design. It is this experience that has driven Andrew to create ByteSize Learning, providing fun, project-based environments for students to learn and love technology topics. The goal of ByteSize Learning is to improve the accessibility and quality of these technology skills for the millions of children around the US who do not get access to this education until perhaps it is too late. The opportunities and circumstances given to children are what shape their future and ByteSize aims to give kids a chance to discover their passion.

Since 2020, ByteSize Learning has been offering live summer classes in a variety of tech topics like video game design, coding, graphic design, music production, engineering, and video editing. The live classes are taught by young, passionate instructors like Andrew who use technology classes to connect and teach students all over the country. They have taught classes of all kinds to kids of all ages and backgrounds and are passionate about bringing fun and passion back to education.

In the future, ByteSize Learning is moving to offer asynchronous classes alongside their live offerings where their unique project-based approach is taken asynchronously to give students a unique and accessible method to learn technology likely not offered in their home school. These classes will be byte-size in nature and be an easy way to introduce or develop a budding interest that a child may have, without a big up-front investment.

If you or someone you know has a child between the ages of 8 and 18 who might benefit from a week-long project-based class in video game design, photoshop, or Python programming, head over to to register for a class today.

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