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VIDEO: The Emerging Company Series, Part One: Formation and Financing

The Emerging Company Series

Part One: Formation and Financing

With Charles E. Torres, Esq

Partner in the Tech Group at Lowenstein Sandler LLP and Co-Chair of the Lowenstein Sandler Brooklyn Entrepreneurship Center

Wednesday, July 29 @ 3:00 pm

@ The Columbia Startup Lab

The Emerging Company Workshop is a multipart series designed to address the most important considerations for an emerging company.  Each segment — Formation and Financing, Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Property, Employees and Consultants, and the Perfect Pitch – seeks to answer entrepreneurs’ most common questions:

When should I incorporate? What type of entity should I form? How much equity should each of the founders get?

What is an 83(b) election? Do I need to file one? What is a 409a valuation? Should I file a trademark or a patent?

Do I need confidentiality and NDAs? How does a Valuation Cap work? What should go into a pitch deck?

Charles E. Torres is a Partner in the Tech Group at Lowenstein Sandler. A corporate attorney with more than a decade of experience in venture capital and private equity, Charles’ practice focuses on counseling buyers and sellers in connection with mergers and acquisitions, minority and control investments and portfolio dispositions, typically with respect to established or emerging technology companies. Charles also regularly represents established and emerging technology companies throughout all phases of their development—formation, financing, general corporate growth and realization events.

Full Video of the Event

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