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COVID and Tech in NYC with Julie Samuels

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In this recording, hear about the future of NYC and how tech can help rebuild after the COVID shut down with Julie Samuels, Executive Director of Tech:NYC. Here she is in conversation with Senior Fellow for Social Entrepreneurship and SIPA Professor Sarah Holloway.

This talk was recorded before the murder of George Floyd, and that – along with the subsequent movements and conversations – has highlighted the need to work even harder to ensure that the opportunities that tech provides are spread evenly across NYC and address the diverse needs of all New Yorkers.


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Dive into the details: 

00:16 – An intro to Tech:NYC

3:00 – How information sharing was key to getting the tech community through the COVID closing, and how it is crucial to getting back to the office – and getting back to life.

7:05 – How COVID is changing how we work, and what that might mean for the long term.

16:00 – Considering a move away from a “business district” as we know it and towards a hub-and-spoke model for offices, plus what that means for communities.

17:14 – Incentivizing entrepreneurs to support work until the NYC transportation system can really grind back into gear.

20:02 – How the tech industry can engage in the rebuild of NYC.

22:55 – Opportunities for entrepreneurs to step in and innovate.


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