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Innovating Higher Ed with Ann Kirschner

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In this June 9 recording, hear about the future of higher education and learning with Ann Kirschner, board member, University professor, writer, and advisor to organizations and companies focused on tech, media, and education. On the heels of her most recent piece in Forbes, here she is in conversation with Senior Fellow for Social Entrepreneurship and SIPA Professor Sarah Holloway.

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Dive into the details: 


2:49 – Why this moment is different and could change the future of learning.


5:38 – How Zoom actually became an opportunity to create better dialogue with students – and what we need to still figure out in terms of content, needs, and platforms.


13:12 – How higher education can rethink curriculum to close the disconnect between the world of work and the world of education.


17:00 – How higher education can show students the pathway to becoming a CEO.

24:45 – Where are the opportunities for entrepreneurs to come in and innovate higher education.


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