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The State of Startup Life with Steve Blank

Wondering what is going on in the startup world? We’re catching up with leaders in our community who can give insight into industry trends and what that means for entrepreneurs. 

Grab some time in your day to listen to the state of entrepreneurship, whenever your schedule might give you a window to catch up. 

In this May 20 recording, hear about the calculus of reopening, the art of the pivot, and rethinking your startup life from Columbia’s Senior Fellow for Entrepreneurship, serial entrepreneur and founder of the Lean Startup Movement, Steve Blank. Here he is in conversation with Founder of Columbia Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Design, Richard Witten.


Listen here.



Dive into the details:

3:54 – Looking at COVID-19 as a mass extinction event that may allow for new ventures.

5:14 – “Getting out of the building” to do market research…when you’re not allowed to leave a building.

8:20 – Figuring out whether and how to pivot your business. 

16:00 – Preparing for when restrictions are lifted: the calculus you can use to determine whether and how you can reopen for business. 

19:40 – Who to read and listen to for good advice. 

21:27 – How to be in the best position to recognize and take advantage of interesting and lucrative patterns in business.

28:00 – Rethinking your career and how you want to spend your time when the sun comes out again. 

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