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Wandering Bear Coffee

Matt Bachmann, ‘15BUS and Ben Gordon ‘15BUS met when they each arrived to class carrying mason jars of homemade cold brew coffee. Their shared passion eventually turned into Wandering Bear Coffee, a business partnership that set the two on a course to change the way iced coffee is consumed at home and at the office. And they wanted to ensure they delivered a product beyond just good coffee.

Wandering Bear is the first-­to-­market cold brew coffee that comes in a box. The innovative packaging conveniently brings cafe­-style, cold brew coffee to consumers in their homes and offices. The box it comes in is not only easier to ship, but also easier to store in the fridge. Matt and Ben focus on building a unique consumer beverage brand by better-­serving the home and office consumption points. Like boxed wine (but better), their exceptionally bold cold brew coffee is always fresh and “on tap” in any refrigerator.

The NYC-­based beverage startup launched in mid-­2014 and quickly attracted partners like FreshDirect, Murray’s Cheese Shop, and Barry’s Bootcamp to their mission. They’ve been featured in Esquire, Vogue, Uncrate, and the Village Voice. And this is just the beginning. Join founders Matt and Ben on their journey to bring cold brew to every running refrigerator.

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