The goal of the Collaboratory Fellows Fund is to support innovative curriculum development that meets the data and computational literacy needs of a given discipline, set of disciplines and/or cohort of students at Columbia.



How Does it Work?

The program will award grants to pairs of instructors, one with disciplinary/area expertise and one with data-science/computational expertise, to collaborate on the development and teaching of new material that embeds data or computational science into a more traditional domain or the reverse, embeds business, policy, cultural and ethical topics into the context of a data or computer science curriculum. The new content should use pedagogy, instruction, and delivery methods that are fitting for the specific student cohort. Example curricula offerings might include classes, workshops, studios, out-of-semester offerings and “boot-camps.” Student cohorts can be undergraduate students, PhD students or graduate students undergoing professional training. The goal is to create diverse course offerings that are accessible to student at all levels, including those who have no previous data science exposure.

In addition to the subject areas suggested above, this year we are encouraging proposals that:

  • Create curricula aimed at undergraduates
  • Integrates Genomics and data science
  • Tailors entrepreneurship and/or business literacy curricula for STEM students

Proposals are welcome from all Schools at Columbia University. Because the goal of the Fellows Fund is to support data literacy and the contextual used of data as an important element of a Columbia University education, it is intended that all developed material be integrated into Columbia’s instructional offerings.

Information Sessions

We will host two information sessions on
Thursday, March 1st on the CUMC campus, RSVP [HERE]
Tuesday, March 8th near the Morningside campus. Please RSVP [HERE].

If you are seeking a collaborator, please reach out to Linda Pifer, to schedule a 10-minute call.

Who Is This For?

Applications must be submitted by a pair of instructors (or more if justification is provided), each of whom must have the authority to assume scholarly, administrative, and financial responsibility for their individual award. Those eligible to apply are: full-time officers of instruction, professors of practice, lecturers within discipline and/or adjunct professors of Columbia University. At least one member of the instructional team must be appointed full-time. All full-time members on the team must hold primary appointments at Columbia University.

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