Generous Gift for the Tamer Center For Social Enterprise

Columbia Business School today announced the creation of the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise. The new center, made possible through a transformative endowment gift from Sandra and Tony Tamer will help develop a new generation of business leaders that understand how management can contribute to, enhance, and impact society and the environment. Additionally, it will serve as the educational, curricular, research, and strategic hub of all social entrepreneurship activities at Columbia.

“Columbia is uniquely qualified and positioned to serve as a source of inspiration and education for budding social entrepreneurs,” said Tony Tamer. “The Business School is already known for its exceptional ability to train leaders with keen problem solving and decision-making abilities. Combine that with its already well-established Social Enterprise Program and its strategic position in New York City, one of the most vibrant and active social enterprise communities in the world, and you have all the ingredients necessary to be the preeminent center and source of leadership talent for the social enterprise community.”

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