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VIDEO: Sports, the Digital Bellwether. David Stern In Conversation with Digital Innovators of MLBAM, NBA, NFL, NHL, and more

On Tuesday, September 29th, 2015
Columbia Entrepreneurship, Columbia Athletics, and
Columbia Organization for Rising Entrepreneurs

Sports, the Digital Bellwether

Founders, Technologists, and Digital Media Innovators from
Adidas, MLBAM, NFL, NBA, NHL, Under Armour,

The Players’ Tribune and More
in conversation with

NBA Commissioner Emeritus
David J. Stern, Columbia Law School ’66


First Panel: “Redefining the Relationship between Fans and Brands”

  • Full video of the first panel 36:09  Video
  • Excerpt: Introductions and the Pursuit of Perfection  5:31  Video
  • Excerpt: What NBA Players Are Told About Using Social Media 1:49  Video
  • Excerpt: How The NHL Will Monetize Their Digital Platforms 2:36  Video
  • Excerpt: Derek Jeter’s The Players’ Tribune 3:53  Video
  • Excerpt: An App for Direct Connection Between Fan and Player 2:33  Video

Second Panel: “Sports Tech and the Quantified Athlete”

  • Full video of the second panel 36:10  Video
  • Excerpt: In-Game Player Tracking, Next Gen Stats  4:23  Video
  • Excerpt: From Shoes to the Adidas Smart Shirt 1:49  Video
  • Excerpt: Under Armour Wearables Beating Fit Bit 2:48  Video
  • Excerpt: Columbia-Founded deCervo; Getting Your Head In The Game 2:52  Video
  • Excerpt: He’s On Fire!…The Hot Hand Reexamined 3:04  Video

Third Panel: “Digital Broadcast, Redefining the Relationship between Fans and Brands”

  • Full video of the third panel 35:18  Video
  • Excerpt: Olympian Keeth Smart ’10BUS Intros the Digital Media Panel 1:39  Video
  • Excerpt: Major League Baseball and the Grateful Dead 3:16  Video
  • Excerpt: Bypassing Cable Via “Over The Top” Streaming 2:36  Video
  • Excerpt: The NBA Is Drinking Through A Digital Fire Hose 2:51  Video
  • Excerpt: Watching On “Best Available Screen” 4:28  Video

Technology and Sports have long been comfortable bedfellows. The very first live televised sporting event in the US took place on May 17, 1939 from Columbia’s Baker Field, where the Columbia Lions battled the Princeton Tigers in baseball.

Since then, the pace of innovation in the SportsTech world is accelerating at an ever increasing rate.

Innovations in TV delivery continue to change the viewer experience, while streaming of sports events is becoming a viable and potentially disruptive alternative. Human-to-computer interfaces and wearable electronics are revolutionizing the way athletes and weekend warriors train.  Sports-centric social media is creating new relationships among athletes, leagues, fans, and players.

Featured Speakers

  • Bill Besselman, Vice President Connected Fitness Strategy and Integration, Under Armour
  • Bob Bowman, President and CEO, MLB Advanced Media
  • David Gandler, Co-founder, CEO, fuboTV
  • Hans Schroeder, Senior Vice President Media Strategy and Development, NFL
  • Jaymee Messler, President, The Players’ Tribune
  • Joe Zakielarz, Business Director, Adidas Digital Sport
  • Jason Sherwin Co-Founder, de Cervo
  • Melissa R. Brenner, Senior Vice President Digital Media, NBA
  • Stephen McArdle, Executive Vice President Digital Media and Strategic Planning, NHL
  • Steve Hellmuth, Executive Vice President Operations and Technology, NBA Entertainment
  • Rick Cordella, Senior Vice President and General Manager NBC Sports Digital, NBA Sports
  • Rob Dwek, Founder, CEO, Social Channel Inc.
  • Wim Sweldens, Founder and CEO, Kiswe Mobile

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