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Dispatches from the Startup Lab – Meet the 2018-2019 Cohort

An on-the-ground look at the Startup Lab from Daniella Raposo

Welcome to the newest cohort of the Startup Lab! Seventy-one alumni entrepreneurs from across Columbia – the College, Engineering, SIPA, Public Health, Law and Business School – launched the fifth year of ventures to call CSL their corporate headquarters. We are home to 50 startups ranging in stage, industry and passions – with one common thread, Columbia.

We’ve hit the ground running with our first workshops on design thinking, time management, fundraising and more. Next up, everyone gets the chance to check in on their corporate hygiene in legal, accounting, human resources and digital marketing.

You can meet each startup here, but here’s a little bit about the cohort as a whole 

Industry from A to Z

With all of Columbia’s talent and the resources of NYC, it’s no surprise that we have a wide variety of industries represented:

Consumer Technology (6)
Ed Tech (5)
Real Estate (5)
Consumer Goods (4)
Digital Health (3)
Energy (3)
Pet Care (3)
Blockchain (3)
Travel (2)
Fintech (2)
Consulting (2)
Food Tech (2)
Virtual Reality (2)
E-Commerce (4)
Fashion Tech (2)
Home Goods (1)
Productivity (1)

Dollars and Cents

About three-fourths of our startups have already raised funding, with the current dollar count at $10,607,500.

Stay tuned for more milestones from the grindstone! 

Daniella Raposo is the Assistant Director of the Startup Lab, where she oversees the day-to-day operations of the Lab. Daniella creates the programming, events, educational resources, and community building activities that help Columbia ventures launch.

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