Lab Dispatches

Welcome to the 2023-2024 Cohort of the Columbia Startup Lab Soho!

Every year, the Columbia Startup Lab in Soho welcomes 71 alumni entrepreneurs from all of Columbia’s schools into this coworking space with dedicated mentorship and programming.

Meet the 10th Cohort below!



Hilary Jacobs, CBS

433 reimagines the art ecosystem by fostering community-driven events, experiences, and education, offering members access to exclusive activities, global resources, and a network of passionate professionals, cultivating a sustainable and equitable future



Brandon Delijani, LAW

AkraTax is a boutique accounting firm providing professional services to blockchain-related clients.


Alexandria Lab

Amelie Lasker, CC

Alexandria is a suite of creator tools for digital books.


Art in Res

Allison Chou, CBS

E-commerce marketplace for original art



John Mihovics, CBS

BeWise helps adults 50+ meet new friends and participate in social activities, like in-person events and online classes across a range of categories.



Nicholas DeGiacomo, Engineering

The Supply Chain OS for a Greener Future


Campaign Brain

Nathaniel Levin, SIPA

Campaign Brain is an artificially intelligent political campaign management SaaS product that inserts AI into all aspects of a political campaign and provides individualized campaign strategies at a fraction of the cost of consultants.


Changing Room

Jeremy Yao, Engineering

Sustainable ratings for fashion



Lixia Zhu, CBS

The crypto fraud and AML risk management for crypto startups.


Clarified GTM

Graham Rowe, CBS

Fractional CRO for B2B Software Companies


Climate Kick

Edoardo Francesco Sabatino, CBS

Climate Kick connects green investors with infrastructure developers to make the sustainability transition a reality.



Summer Delaney, CBS

CollabWORK is creating the first transparent gig marketplace to help production staffers find legitimate, short-term jobs in both traditional media and web3.



Jake Klores, CC

A social platform for professional and collegiate athletes to monetize exclusive content and experiences directly to fans



Asenso Ampim, CC

A digital fitness platform that provides monthly personalized workout programs and one-on-one video support from healthcare, fitness, nutrition, and mental wellness experts.



Amy Tang, Engineering

Folio is a digital front desk solution powered by AI that automates guest management for the $120B short-term rental (STR) industry.


Gen E

Kristen Kammerer, CBS

Gen E is a micro-philanthropy app for funding climate solutions.



Andrew Magid, Engineering; Ketan Jog, Engineering

We are the Cloudflare of Web3, a CAPTCHA service that runs on zero-knoweldge proofs to prevent spam and bots on blockchains.



Kevin Moses, CBS

Hippo provides an online marketplace (order & pay) and hardware-free POS services to food trucks.



Kat Grimes Moynihan, CBS

HOST is a sustainable, technology-based service designed to take the hassle out of hosting and elevate everyday events.


Infinite Goods

Lee Aileen, Engineering

Infinite Goods is sustainable fashion retailer curating brands and providing transparency in the fashion industry.



AadilMehdi Sanchawala, Engineering; Ayman Talkani, Engineering

Instalabel is an AI data platform that creates production-grade voluminous, privacy-preserving datasets by utilizing a combination of AI with humans in the loop.



Ying Laohachewin, CBS


Female focused mental wellness platform leveraging peer to peer support.




Neetika Ashwani, MPH

A wearable device that keeps a track of vitals (Heart rate, Respiratory rate, saturation, temperature) and contact duration in newborns to reduce neonatal morbidity and mortality.



Esosa Ohanba, MPH

We turn social media into Legal Documents to promote access to justice.


Light RFP

David Barakchian, CBS; Karlo Dobrovic, CC

eBay for commercial service contracts like trucking, cleaning, and construction


Local Civics

Beverly Leon, CBS

Local Civics streamlines civics, college, and career education for K-16 schools. 



Hidayat Hamidov, CBS

We bring information symmetry for the trucking industry



Scott Mongiardo, CBS

SaaS solution for small landlords that enables them to self-manage and optimize their rental portfolios


May Lake Capital

Taylor Adam, CBS

Maridea provides investment advisory services and pursues inorganic growth through a rollup strategy.



Alfredo Brillembourg, CC

The first fintech platform for higher education.



Yoni Ronn, Climate School (Engineering accounting)

MOBY is a smart closed-loop filter designed to capture and upcycle petroleum-based microfibers from the laundering of synthetic clothes before they pollute the environment, enter food supply chains and affect people’s health.


Mushroom Packaging

Thomas van Haren, CBS

Mushroom Packaging is a compostable protective packaging made with mycelium and agricultural waste to replace EPS/styrofoam.



Etizaz Shah, SIPA

Improving access to care for non-English speaking patient through powerful AI, telehealth, and EHR technology



José  Cordero, CBS

We are transforming the traditional cafeteria experience by leveraging the power of digital technology and AI to enhance convenience and efficiency for cafeterias while offering a digital wallet and financial education tools for students



Alexandra Bono, CBS

Pelican offers a digital platform designed to help your loved ones reach their savings goals.



Ido Michael, Engineering; Eduardo Blancas, GSAS

We’re the Heroku for Data Science. We help data scientists build faster and deploy their work into production without a single code change.



Hunter Craft, CBS

Puebla is the first fully integrated digital merchandizing application for the coffee industry



Houtan Fanisalek, Engineering; Steve Gilman, Engineering

Range is a personalized lifelong learning technology platform 



Joe Donino, CC

Mobile app for discovering and sharing local entertainment



Conor Corrigan, CBS

Protocol-led, community-based physical recovery and wellness club


RestAssured MD

Arianna Galbraith, MPH; Ashley Privette, MPH

RestAssured MD is a digital health platform that connects cancer patients to expert oncologists across the country, reducing cancer misdiagnoses by empowering patients to make informed decisions about their care.



Sebastian Perez Lawrence, CBS

Rockhopper is enterprise planning management cloud solution for collaborative business case modeling.


Servimed US

Andrea Napolitano, CBS

R&D and manufacturing of ophthalmic medical devices and drugs



Rafael Canario, CBS

MatchEd is a Lifelong Lifewide Learning Management System that links EdTechs in one platform


Sharp Performance

Benjamin Curley, CBS; Andrew Sakmar, CBS

Mental training and wellness platform for professionals in high-risk occupations



Samantha Greenspan, Barnard

Mobile platform for 1:1 office hours between authors/readers, podcasters/listeners & more


Social Closet

Micaela O’Herron, SIPA

Social Closet is a peer-to-peer clothing rental platform: the Airbnb for clothing



Constanza Gomez, CBS; Agustina Mir, SIPA

We develop AI-driven and data analytics solutions to enable textile waste recycling



Lena Arkawi, SIPA

Sourceable is an online platform and mobile application that empowers, supports, and connects citizen journalists from conflict and crises zones to document, verify, archive, and share critical data with media, human rights groups, and prosecutors.



Joseph Quaderer, Journalism

StorySavor is a biography writing services company.



Chris Picerni, Engineering; Rachel Wu, Engineering

Subby is a shared payments platform that lets you split recurring expenses and subscriptions with friends and family.



Tom Higgins, CC; Raymond Heimann, CC

Revolutionizing ‘minimulti’ real estate to bring authentic workforce housing back to the heart of America at scale


Toscana USA

Cindy Salazar, CBS

Toscana USA is direct to consumer brand offering high quality handcrafted leather shoes and accessories for men and women made in Florence, Italy.


Understory Technologies Corp

David Fine, CC; Eric Shapiro, CC

Understory’s mission is to build modern software that will eliminate the manual data entry work that financial analysts do every day.


Universe Platform Inc.

Mike White, SPS

Empowering businesses of all sizes to create web3 loyalty programs that increase customer allegiance, activate superfans, and grow their bottom line.



Joshua Schachter, Engineering

Conversational intelligence platform (on top of Zoom) that helps customer teams scale white-glove relationships with their SaaS enterprise clients.




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