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Columbia Venture QuanTime Helps Modern Professionals Better Plan Their Workdays

Quantime empowers overstretched modern professionals to meet deadlines and better plan their workdays by organizing all their to-dos in a single place: their calendar. The platform tracks and prioritizes everything a user needs to get done by automatically aggregating tasks from wherever they may live and reserving blocks of time for those to-dos on the user’s calendar in real-time. In addition to integrating with popular project management tools, Quantime can also intelligently discover tasks within email and instant messages.

For enterprises, Quantime optimizes workflows across all team members and projects by prioritizing tasks with dependencies over multiple calendars. It enables teams to work smarter by better quantifying team capacity, tracking progress on projects, and identifying bottlenecks.

Suchit Tuli, ’19BUS and Burke Livingston met while working at RubiconMD, a digital health startup in NY. They’re both passionate about building technology that solves universal problems affecting individuals and organizations. Their mission is to empower people to do more of what they want with their time.

Suchit is the co-founder and CEO of Quantime. Prior to Quantime, Suchit worked with digital health startups and non-profits to improve the global health landscape. He started his career in strategy at the Advisory Board Company and JPMorgan Chase. Suchit studied Finance and Biology at the University of Delaware Honors Program and received his MBA from Columbia University.

Burke is the co-founder and CTO of Quantime. Before Quantime, Burke led efforts to modernize the front end at insurance-tech startup Blueprint Income. He also worked at computer-aided-design firms Onshape & Autodesk. Burke studied Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In his free time, Burke leads several open source software projects.

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