Resources, Support, and Opportunities for Innovation: Where to Plug In Right Now

Columbia’s entrepreneurship ecosystem is here to support its startups with ways to connect, share, and innovate.

If you’re looking for resources that will help you operate your startup during this uncertain time, check out this post, which answers common questions, gives general advice, and offers links to sources of small business and startup aid. There is also a list of resources around the University that Columbia startups can turn to in this time:

Operating a Startup in a Pandemic – Resources for Unknown Times

If you’re looking to get involved with efforts to innovate around COVID-19 specifically, this post has places to plug in:

Innovate Around COVID-19

If you can and want to help #SupportStartups with us, share these stories with friends and family…and you may even find a little something for yourself. You can also find these featured startups on our social media channels @ColumbiaEship:

#SupportStartups Today

Finally, our calendar keeps track of deadlines and virtual events for entrepreneurs from across the university:

Entrepreneurship Calendar

Above all, be well, entrepreneurs.

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