Columbia Founder Tori Bell Explains How The Most Successful Start-Ups Prioritize Creating Cultures In Which Black Women Can Thrive

From Forbes:

Equipped with extensive experience from her time at Meta and her roles before that (Tori started her career at an investment banking firm where she saw first-hand just how white and privileged corporate America can be. “If you know anything about investment banking, you know how cookie cutter the industry is,” she remarked on this. “I noticed that the types of students we would hire had similar backgrounds – they were ivy league graduates and wealthy,”) she was invited to teach Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to business owners through Business Class, a venture founded by Sophia Amaruso. After teaching thousands of students, she began to realise that a lot of the problems businesses had boiled down to the fact that they started their DEI work too late. Small businesses and growth stage start-ups, she realized, needed to understand how to build inclusive organizations right at the beginning.

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