Student Groups

Columbia Entrepreneurship has three excellent groups for eager prospective business people, company founders and coders of the future.

Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs (CORE)

As the undergraduate entrepreneurship society, the Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs (CORE) works to inspire, educate, and launch the next generation of student entrepreneurs at Columbia University. With a following of 5,300+ unique active subscribers to our weekly newsletter, CORE is one of Columbia’s fast-moving, most dynamic, and exciting student organizations. Learn more.

Columbia Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO)


CEO is here to back Columbia’s startups. Whether it’s by running its own Shark Tank and the Lang Fund business plan prize to spread entrepreneurial knowledge or arranging global trips to show students the business world.

CEO will also put startup CEOs looking for talent in touch with its membership, building the teams of the future.

Application Development Initiative (ADI)

The API wants to help Columbia’s future coders get the skills they need. Beginners can get started with API’s entry-level coding resources, then attend Cookies and Code every Wednesday to meet other people interested in tech, eat Cookies and work on their coding.

For seasoned developers, ‘ADI Labs’ runs Fridays, giving coders the chance to form teams under the mentorship of a mentor-developer, producing a real application to be released at the end of the semester.