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Jump Start 2020 Resolutions with the Columbia Startup Lab

Happy New Year from the Columbia Startup Lab! Let CSL help you out if your resolution for 2020 is to: 

…indulge in wanderlust: 

With over 8,000 rated tour and activity ideas for over 50 countries, Uwentigo is the place to go to get inspiration and book your next unforgettable vacation. It has something for everyone – wine enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, musicians, and more. 

…learn a new language:

Natakallam offers award-winning, high-quality language learning programs delivered by refugees, for all levels of Arabic, French, Persian and Spanish. Not only will you come away better able to communicate, you’ll make a priceless human connection.

…take better care of your physical self:

May we suggest a tennis match? AceSpace is the best way to find available, affordable courts. Players see available courts and can book them through the AceSpace app, saving time and easing the burden on facility staff.

…go green(er):

Social Solar can help you on your quest to clean up your environmental footprint, with its simplified clean energy subscriptions for city residents, including renters, co-ops, and condo owners.

….meet new people and build community:

Weeble lets you search and join casual, small-group hangouts that match your industry, interests, and affinities with people who are looking to make new friendships. While you’re at it, sign up for Locasaur, which will help you find your new favorite local cafe, bar, or shop. Link Stroller can also be a great way for new parents to jump into the local parent scene. 

…. get a handle on time and your to-do list:

Quantime takes the pain out of planning your week and scheduling all you have to do on your calendar by automating the time management experience for modern professionals and teams.

And if, after decluttering your day, you decide that you spend too much time in the kitchen, check out personal chef service EasyFeast. EasyFeast will leave you with a fridge stocked full of home-cooked, personalized meals for the week, a spotlessly clean kitchen, and more time on your hands.

…celebrate in style.

Wedding season will be here before you know it! Ella & Oak offers quality wedding dresses in classic styles for today’s curvy bride, and RENTALYA lets you choose from a curated collection of high end Indian fashion.

…be a more thoughtful guest.

Pick up host/hostess gifts through some of the CSL startups listed in our holiday catalog.

Thanks for indulging in CSL! These are just a few of the innovative startups that call CSL their home. Check out more at 

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