Ben Horowitz '88 CC

The “CEO Whisperer” and “Consigliere of Silicon Valley”

Ben Horowitz is a cofounder and general partner of the leading venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and The New York Times bestselling author of The Hard Thing About Hard Things, which is now available in over 16 languages.

Ben had made his way around Silicon Valley, making his mark at companies like Netscape and AOL. He started his own company Opsware, which was sold to Hewlett­Packard in 2007. While at HP, he worked as a senior vice president and general manager for Business Technology Optimization for Software.

Ben has been called the “CEO Whisperer” and the “Consigliere of Silicon Valley.” Andreessen Horowitz has invested in and been major sources of support for companies like Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Oculus Rift, Airbnb, Groupon and many other major players in Silicon Valley. Ben is a leader in tech investment and the tech industry and has been featured in The Washington Post and on the cover of Fortune Magazine.

Ben graduated from Columbia University in 1988 with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science.