Martin Varsavsky '83SIPA | '85BUS

Argentine entrepreneur and philanthropist Martín Varsavsky, ’83SIPA, ’85BUS, was called “Young, Reach, and Restless” by Forbes Magazine for obvious reasons: in 1984, while still in school, Varsavsky founded one of the early developers of loft apartments in New York City, Urban Capital Corporation. But that’s not all – in 1986 he went on to found the Montreal-based Medicorp Sciences with Argentine scientist Claudio Cuello, and in 1991 Varsavsky founded telecommunications company Viatel in Colorado.

After moving to Madrid in July of 1995, Varsavsky taught courses on entrepreneurship at IE Business School and founded a slew of companies: Jazztel, EINSTEINet,, Eolia and FON. He has written articles for El Mundo, Newsweek, and The Huffington Post, and he holds awards from Columbia and The World Technology Network for his entrepreneurship.

Martín received an MA in International Affairs (1983) and an MBA (1985) from Columbia University.