EdTech Design Challenge 2017

A Columbia Entrepreneurship, Fundação Lemann, and SIPA initiative


Come along with us on this journey to better education through Design Thinking and innovative technology solutions.


There is no greater social equalizer or pathway to upward mobility than education. But for so many children in our global society, a meaningful education is out of reach.

In October of 2017 the Columbia Entrepreneurship Design Studio and SIPA’s Center for Development Economics and Policy selected twenty-four students from across seven Columbia-affiliated schools, to join with 12 Brazilian entrepreneurs, selected by Fundação Lemann, to embark on the EdTech Design Challenge 2017, a 7-month initiative designed to generate tech-based businesses, products, and programs that solve deeply entrenched K-12 education problems.

The EdTech Design Challenge focuses on Brazil and three universal K-12 educational problem areas: kids with special needs, kids in need of remediation, and parent engagement.

The EdTech Challenge and the EdTech Forum held on October 10th, 2017  are collaborations between Columbia Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Design, the School of International and Public Affairs Tech & Policy Initiative, the Center for Development Economics & Policy, Teachers College, UNICEF, the Nasdaq Educational Foundation, and Fundação Lemann.