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VIDEO: A Conversation with Steve Blank

Steve Blank, the co-Author of The Startup Owner’s Manual talked about the inflection point for young entrepreneurs when Lean Start-up methodologies take hold and their ventures gain traction.

 This event was held Monday, August 26, 2013

See the interview here (49 min)
See the Q & A here (21 min)
“National Science Foundation Adopts Lean Startup” here (7 min)

Almost without exception, students and young entrepreneurs who learn about Lean Start-up and apply for a course taught by Steve Blank at Stanford, Berkeley or Columbia are skeptical that they can conduct 100 customer discovery interviews in the short span of the course.  They are even more leery of the notion that their idea for a business can be improved by talking to strangers unfamiliar with the issues surrounding their venture.

Professor Murray Low, Director of Entrepreneurship Education at the Columbia School of Business engaged Steve Blank about what happens when entrepreneurs find Lean Startup religion in the middle of the Customer Discovery process.

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