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#StartupColumbia Festival

Hundreds of engineers, policy wonks, data scientists, storytellers, design-thinkers, and more members of Columbia’s entrepreneurship ecosystem came together on April 6th for StartupColumbia 2018, the university’s fifth annual celebration of innovation and grit. A big thank you to all of our partners who made this event, hosted by Columbia Entrepreneurship and student-group CORE, possible.


We couldn’t save you any treats from the Food Founders Fare lunch, but there’s plenty to chew on in these videos: Provocative conversations about hot topics such as the blockchain revolution, data ethics, and the new space race mix with frank and practical discussions about building teams, corporate culture, and spinning out businesses without spinning out of control.

Go ahead, dive in – learn, get inspired, and then go out and join your fellow changemakers!

Fireside Chat: Unicorn founder Marco Zappacosta ’07CC and Dean Valentini

Why anyone has a shot at founding a billion-dollar business, some tips on getting there, and what to do when you do.

Check out clips here.

Keynote: Dream Teams

Shane Snow ’10JRN on how to harness the power of your team to break through rather than break down.

Check out clips here.

Panel: Will Blockchain Liberate the Netizens?

What’s out there, what’s working, and what’s missing in the blockchain revolution.

Keynote: Data for Good

Jeannette Wing breaks down how we find ourselves in a Cambridge Analytica world and what startups should think about from the very beginning.

Fireside Chat: The Changemaker Era

Henry De Sio Jr on how the Obama campaign harnessed the power of the new DNA: Innovative Mind, Service Heart, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Collaborative Outlook.

Check out clips here.

Keynote: Innovation and Saving Lives

George Yancopoulos ’80CC,’ 87PS on his greatest joy as a scientist – using science to save lives – and on Regeneron’s 20-year road to “overnight” success.

Panel: Spinning Out, In Control

Three scientists journeys from invention to startup, and all the thrills, challenges, and breakthroughs along the way.

Panel: Astropreneurship and the New Space Revolution

Sputnik, meet FalconHeavy – the space race is now entrepreneurial.

Don’t forget to take a peek into the future – here are the winning teams of the Columbia Venture Competition!


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